Complete Injection Molder in the United States

At Elite Solutions Inc. we believe that quality production is only possible with proper quality control. We run numerous quality checks at every step to ensure that your production meets or exceeds your specifications and expectations. In the initial mold testing, we run a DOE to check where the inherent stability of the part is centered. We utilize this data to alter the mold to allow the most stable manufacturing window for that specific part.

Elite Solutions Inc
Elite Solutions Inc

Verification Process at the Factory

We verify our process and products using Cp and Cpk studies throughout the molding run. We maintain production files that ensure full part traceability. We are ISO 9002 compatible, and we look forward to more certifications soon. Many of our customers have us on JIT and dock-to-stock programs. We will be happy to discuss strategies to reduce your inventory while assuring that you will never run out of product.

Elite Solutions Inc

Outstanding Quality Control

Having the ability to produce means nothing without good, solid quality control! Our Quality Department is second to none. We maintain all our production files up to date so that they are always available for inspection.

We are traceable to CSA and U.L. standards. We are compatible with ISO 9002. We also maintain the quality of our services by delivering your shipments on time, every time. We are always available to attend to our customer queries.

Mold Design & Build

The heart of the injection molding business is the design and build of the mold. At Elite Solutions Inc, we completely design and detail your mold to exact standards utilizing our extensive CADCAM experience.

We use PRO/ENGINEER software across our business, from design to mold build. We also have seats of CATIA and SOLIDWORKS to assure seamless integration with your electronic data.

Our experienced staff monitors your mold as it progresses through our tool shop, reporting to you on its progress. Once the mold is ready, our quality control verifies that it meets our specifications and is functional.

Our exceptional attention to detail ensures a perfectly functioning mold. We maintain your mold at no additional cost to you. We guarantee your mold will always be ready for production runs for the life of the project as long as the mold remains in our control. Your mold design is your property. After the mold is built, you will receive a computer model depicting all final mold dimensions.

Should it ever become necessary for spare parts to be fabricated, we can build them from our computer models, not just from the mold itself.

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