Elite Solutions Inc

Full-Service Thermoplastic

Injection Molding Company

Offering mold design and manufacturing services since 1977

Thermoplastic Custom Molder Serving United States

Founded in 1977, Elite Solutions Inc is one of the oldest injection molders in the southwest United States. We are a full-service thermoplastic custom molding company offering a range of services. Based out of Scottsdale, AZ all our services are conducted there. We are one of the leading manufacturers of thermoplastic injection molded, high precision parts for the medical, electronics and consumer products industries.

Elite Solutions Inc

Our Mission and Vision

At Elite Solutions Inc, our mission is to offer high-quality custom molding service to our clients in the United States and worldwide. With years of industry experience and knowledge, we want to help our clients with their precision custom injection molding needs.

We aim to offer modern product design, quick turn production tooling, and superior customer service.

Services We Offer to Our Clients Worldwide

  • Product design assistance
  • Mold design
  • Mold building
  • Production manufacturing
  • Assembly

Exceptional Factory Maintenance

At Elite Solutions Inc, we have state of the art molding machines on our production floor. Our machines are subjected to a weekly schedule of preventative maintenance to ensure maximum uptime and life. We routinely rebuild the clamp ends of our mechanical devices every year. All of our screws and barrels are inspected annually for wear and corrosion and replaced or repaired as necessary. Factory service representatives calibrate each machine to a standard, annually.

Molds Crafted with Care

After every molding run, our molds are disassembled, cleaned, and inspected. Any planned maintenance is carried out at this time instead of waiting until the mold is needed again. We maintain a running log on each mold in our possession, noting unusual wear, any processing problems, recurring quality problems, and the like. We are never surprised by the state of mold because we pay attention to detail.

Elite Solutions Inc


We asked ESI to help us solve severe product problems. Their extraordinary industry knowledge, years of design and manufacturing experience, and personal commitment to excellence resulted in resolving our issues and provided a superior product exceeding our expectations. Their work was always ahead of schedule, under budget and they are a delight to work with.

 - Bob Sargent Veritest International