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Outstanding Quality Control
Having the ability to produce means nothing without good, solid quality control!

Our Quality Department is second to none at ESI. During the production of your parts, we routinely run numerous quality checks on critical dimensions to assure that we are producing the part you want us to produce. We track each and every run with our online SPC database to assure that we are within specifications

When a job is first placed in production, a designed experiment is preformed on the mold and process to see where its inherent stability is centered. Using the data generated from this test, we establish an optimum cycle for the part and generate a setup card for the file. Using these "best" conditions, we run Cp and Cpk studies to assure that we can maintain the quality necessary for the part in production.

We maintain production files for each part that assures full traceability. We keep all documents up to date and ready for your inspection. We are traceable to CSA and UL standards. We are currently seeking certification under ISO 9000-2000.

Many of our Customers have us on JIT and Dock to Stock programs. We will be happy to discuss how we can reduce your inventory while assuring that you will never run out of product. We don't miss shipments or deliver late. When we agree on a ship date you can be assured that we will make it.